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What Are People Saying About True Street Motorsports?

I own a shop and we take all of our cars (GM LS and Coyote Ford V8s) to be tuned to True Street. They have done dozens of custom tunes for us and our customers and have never let us down. They listen to our (often times) nutty requests and handle them professionally and thoroughly. I won't have cars tuned anywhere else!
- Terry Fair

First time and will be back....
Cant say enough great things about Clint, Mike, Sean, the entire team.  Brought my modified corvette in on the grounds of it having a terrible vibration when letting off the clutch.  The car gets ran very hard and has a high performance clutch already in it, that I figured had run its course.  Talked to the team and fully planned on spending a decent chunk of cash to have the clutch replaced, along with a lot of unnecessary work done.

Within 2 days they had the car on the lift and realized the cause of my vibration was some missing/broken bolts along the drive-train.  Cost suddenly became a quarter of what it would've been to fully replace everything, along with my added goodies.

That is what will bring me back.  They could've gone ahead with the planned build and replaced the clutch, etc.  I would've picked up my car a week or two later and been 100% satisfied.  None the wiser that I spent 4 times what was needed.  Instead, Clint called to tell me the good news, thus saving me thousands.  In a world where everyone is out to make a quick buck its nice to have a performance shop that understands.  That's a stand up team they have over there and anyone that has owned a high performance vehicle for long enough, understands the value in having a team you can trust in all aspects of the word.
- Jeff Janowski

I would like to start off by saying these guys are strictly about business. I read many reviews about the few different tune shops in the metroplex. After calling other shops and reading reviews,  i decided that truestreet was top on my list. ..... When i called truestreet, i was able to schedule an appointment within minutes. The people here are very nice and welcoming. They get you in and leave you with a smile. Being that i am in fort worth, i was very pleased after making that long drive to truestreet in mckinney. If you want quality work and good business, visit truestreet.
- Lil red 5.7L Hemi

Awesome experience from these guys. I called ahead and set up an appointment to have my car tuned and they got it done in no time. I recently had a problem with my valvetrain, the rockers broke, i called them they fixed it quickly and had me on the street the next day. I highly recommend these guys for anything you might need performance wise they are very knowledgeable and do their work well. as for those who have had issues with them regarding problems tuning and parts boost ect. remember as you upgrade your engine you run the risk of causing damage and making your engine less reliable you cant put the blame on the tuner they will try to get the right set up but nothing is perfect it could be the parts manufacturer or other aspects not just the tuner. Im thinking if you are boosting with out all the supporting mods something is going to go wrong. anyways these are my go to guys for my future projects thanks a lot.
- Mike Almonte

I have been in DFW for a long time. Have worked with most all shop from simple "bolt on's" to full on builds. This is the only shop that when I call they will answer the phone every time and answer my questions. I have a 2012 GT mustang that True Street Motorsports built me a custom motor, Twin Turbo Kit, Fuel system, lowering springs, ID1000 Injectors, Clutch and flywheel. Tune could not be better with stock like driving for my daily commute and makes 701RWHP on 93oct pump gas with 12psi of boost.

Thanks Again True Street and I will see you soon for more boost and power!!!!!
- Doug Simpson

Awesome guys awesome company honest guys who aren't out 2 get your money and do quality work not just great work but gr8 people one of the few places i trust to deal with my mopar!
- Austin Carter

Sean is a great tuner, he had my procharged LS dialed in perfectly. Jeremy is a great guy, very helpful and honest and just a friendly person in general. Clint was very informative and had the right advice to steer me in the direction needed for this build to progress in the most economically feasible way possible. all in all, I loved the service and the quality of work.
- Caleb Hallak

Great people and very honest. They have a great following and there are many reasons why. Go there and get your ride hooked up!!
- Jordan Stolz

I just took delivery of a very special build at SEMA last week! A 2014 Cadillac CTS V Wagon!!! Shaun Frelich of Complete Customs did a great job on the car but when it came to the motor, I asked who do we use? He recommended Clint Davis at True Street Motorsports...I'm so glad he did!!!!
Clint and his crew answered calls and questions always with a smile. This was not a short process I bounced ideas and limitations and inquiries off of the guys and they always made me feel at... ease! After driving the car in Las Vegas down the strip it looked awesome and preformed better than expected! The car has been returned to True Street Motorsports for final adjustments and I have full confidence in the finished product! I can't say enough about the professionalism and workmanship of this shop!!!
I can say that I will be using them on future builds without a doubt! Thank You Clint Davis and True Street Motorsports for making me feel like family and not a customer!!!

- Michael Robbins

I have had 13 Corvette's, 5 ZR1's, the rest Z06's, have gone to a different tuner on three occasions, all three ended bad. Sean has done it perfect everytime and now with True Street/Clint, you get a great tuner and great customer service, no attitude, just a winning combination!!! No need to go anywhere else.
- Jeff Jeans